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A 26-year old privately held healthcare membership benefits company with over 35,000 members who have access to the Company’s proprietary healthcare provider network of over 80,000 accredited dental and medical professionals.  The Company delivers products and services that dramatically reduce out of pocket member spending by a minimum of 50%.  The Company holds an important advantage due to its registration as a Discount Medical Provider Organization (“DMPO”) in 44 states. This distinctive licensing enables the Company to market their proprietary products rather than those of a 3rd party, limiting the Company’s cost of goods to approximately 5%.  


With healthcare market trends continuing to shift greater cost responsibility to consumers the Company’s healthcare membership programs create a reliable process whereby members will never overpay for healthcare services again.   This Company’s products and services are more relevant today and will appeal to a wide range of consumers, regardless of income or if they are insured or not, as the Company’s membership plans bring real and immediate savings on an individual or family’s healthcare costs.      


who is                company X?

The Market Is Strong.

Consumer medical and dental deductibles continue to increase year after year. Currently, most

consumers have an annual deductible averaging $6,000 with up to a $15,000 maximum out of pocket

expense per year. The Company delivers products and services that dramatically reduce out of pocket member spending by a minimum of 50%. With healthcare market trends continuing to shift greater cost

responsibility to consumers, the Company’s healthcare membership programs create a reliable process whereby members will never overpay for healthcare services again.

"leaders never look over their shoulders when blazing trails"

The Company holds an important advantage due to its registration as a Discount Medical

Provider Organization (“DMPO”) in 44 states. This accreditation is a requirement to operate in this

healthcare benefit sector and more importantly; new registrations are no longer being granted, providing

a significant barrier to entry for new competitors. Nationally, there are a limited number of registered

DMPO’s that can provide both retail and wholesale membership plans. This distinctive licensing enables

the Company to market their proprietary products rather than those of a 3rd party, limiting the Company’s

cost of goods to approximately 5%.

Unlike the companies below, Company X is the only company that sells directly to consumers. These companies only sell on a wholesale basis through resellers.

• New Benefits       • Galaxy Health

• Careington          • Beech Street

• Delta Dental        • Vertue

Key Company Facts:

• Revenues of 9mm

• Normalized EBITDA of 2.5mm in 2017

• Licensed Discount Medical Provider Organization (DMPO)

• Low cost of goods - approx. 5% Privately held; debt-free

• 80,000 participating medical and dental providers

• 35,000 Members – each remitting $19.95 - $89.95 in monthly fees per plan

• 56% of members have been customers for > than 36 months

• Tenured management team

• 5,000 Independent Business Consultants (IBC's) 





Experienced management team is seeking an investment of 7mm to acquire 100% of a

healthcare membership company based in Dallas, TX. The company provides its members with

healthcare related membership benefits, savings programs, telemedicine and personal healthcare

advocacy. The company is generating almost 9mm in revenue with recast EBITDA of about 2.5mm. The

ultimate goal is to build revenue to 40mm in the next three years, creating a very predictable and

recurring cash flow business.


• Valuable, limited-issue DMPO license provides barriers to competitive entry

• Offers exceptional value to members which creates long term program participation

• Low execution risk – 26-year historical results

• Synergy and integration plans to be executed by tenured, experienced management team

• Significant EBITDA upside potential 

• High margin business allows for adequate current and future sales force earnings and incentives

• No product inventory minimizes impact on working capital

• Multiple options for an exit:

     Hold to benefit from strong recurring cash flows

     Grow and seek private sale




The Company’s historic per member, per month recurring revenue trends, a producing independent sales force, a proven operating platform and a tenured staff, create the dynamics for a dependable, long-term recurring revenue stream. 5-year projections are based upon market research, Management’s experience with integrating and scaling companies and detailed knowledge of the market.



Launch Wholesale Division – The Management team has experience building companies with provider networks in addition to experience marketing membership benefit programs for organizations as well as large enterprises (e.g.: Chase, United Airways, and American Express). This B2B operating and selling expertise will help establish a successful wholesale division that leverages the healthcare provider networks of the direct selling division.

Revitalize IBO’s to Increase Sales & New IBC recruiting - Company X has not introduced fresh compensation plans since January 2012. Management will initiate new compensation and exciting new incentive programs for Independent Business Consultants that will significantly improve their earnings. Compensation plans will include rewards and recognition programs to improve IBC retention and recruiting efforts.

Reinvigorate Company Leaders and Employees - Company X has a critical mass of tenured sales managers, which with proper leadership, recognition, and incentives, will be easily motivated to grow the business. In addition, the Management Team, through its relationships, will attract new professionals to the business, returning the Company to a state of aggressive growth.

Revamp Company’s Image & Brand – A refreshed website, mobile app and social media presence will be launched in conjunction with a marketing campaign that supports the execution of brand alignment with revised growth goals. New image and brand awareness will ensure Company X attracts the correct target customer ensuring a greater percentage of closures per lead.

Increased Marketing and Advertising – To expand reach and engage new members, Management will leverage innovative Internet technologies and social media marketing methodologies like search engine optimization, programmatic marketing, product placement ads and other web-based marketing strategies. Historically, the Company has not deployed these types of marketing techniques.

Reinvigorate Existing Members – The Company does not have a history of delivering new and relevant products or services to their membership. Management will launch beneficial new products and services and provide a future forward mobile app for members to utilize in addition to improved website experiences and customer service.


Reactivate Dormant Members – Historically, the company has not re-marketed to members who have cancelled their monthly subscription or eliminated a product or service. Management will implement an aggressive campaign to win back lost members and product cancellations.

Grow Geographically – The Company’s IBC network is currently focused in 44 states, with IBCs in major cities. An immediate opportunity for Company X to execute on growth is to expand its provider base into second tier markets and further penetrate its existing territory. Management believes the portfolio of new products and services will be especially effective in secondary markets where consumers have fewer physician choices.


Expand Provider Networks – While the Company currently maintains an extensive provider network, Management growth plans include expansion of providers in current markets and the addition of providers as the Company expands into tier 2 markets.


Enhance Member’s Customer Service – With 100+ years of cumulative service delivery expertise, Management will ensure Customer Service excellence is cornerstone of operations, marketing and execution. Implementing and executing new standards of customer service will improve member retention and overall corporate brand image.

Expanding Market Coverage into Spanish-Speaking Members – Another goal is to leverage the rapid demographic growth, and sell directly to the ever-growing Spanish population who need our services. We will take the necessary steps in development and support to acquire these new customers, including a Spanish version of the website and mobile app.

Provider Network

Tenured Network

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